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Welcome to my complete step by step guide to gaining over 6,500 Twitter followers in 30 days.

I decided to put this guide together after I started receiving a lot of messages each day from my followers asking how I was growing so quickly and receiving so much engagement. This guide is very comprehensive and I have detailed every single step of the process that I personally followed to achieve this result. This guide is over 3,000 words long and is pure actionable content and value.

I have structured this guide in the following way to ensure you understand every piece of the (simple) puzzle. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Twitter Followers


First up, here is the screenshot showing proof from my Sprout Social account that I gained 6,530 New Twitter Followers between May 18 2015 and June 16 2015.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.00.27 am

Setting Up & Optimising Your Profile

For some of you this may seem like marketing 101, however it’s extremely important that you have your profile setup and optimized to ensure you are making the best first impression for everyone who see’s your profile. As you will learn later in this guide, your profile could be seen by over 1000 users per day and you need to make sure they take some sort of action on your profile, whether it’s following you, clicking on a link in your profile or reading your tweets.


Header Image & Display Picture


Twitter Profile Header


They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and in this case, it’s completely true. The first thing any user will look at when they see your tweets in their feed or when viewing your profile is your profile picture. Your profile picture needs to be a reasonably close up photo of you. Make sure you’re smiling and looking happy in the photo otherwise people will not follow you. People are drawn to positivity and happiness and if your frowning in your picture, that tells them instantly what type of content your going to be tweeting about.

Note: Whatever you do, don’t set your profile picture of your dog, your children (unless you’re also in the picture) or anything else except for YOU. This is all about building your personal brand, so we need to show the readers exactly who you are so they recognize your tweets in their feed.

The header image is much larger and wider and can be used to show off your lifestyle. This will be the second thing people look at after your display picture and will often set the impression they have made of you in stone. Make sure you’re also in the header image that you set. I would recommend choosing a photo of when you went travelling or a photo of your family or something similar. Make sure you don’t set your header image to something that will put the reader off instantly. Keep business out of it! I’ve seen so many times when viewing people’s profiles a huge line of text saying something along the lines of “I’m making millions, AND YOU CAN TOO, it’s Easy!”. Trust me, this DOES NOT work and will turn people off instantly. It’s all about showing them who you genuinely are and giving them a glimpse into your life, your passions and your values. More on this later.


Profile Description


Profile DescriptionYour profile description is often the next thing a user will look at when viewing your profile. This needs to be short, succinct and to the point. You’re only given 140 characters to describe yourself, so make it short and sweet. I would recommend talking about your passions, hobbies or family in this description. I would also recommend a one liner describing what you do and who you work for (if your aim is to gain followers and engage with users in the same area). My description simply says “Aussie Entrepreneur from Brisbane currently travelling the world. Partner @ Pepperstorm Apps.”

You can also provide a link to your website under your description. I would recommend linking to your personal site or business. If you’re looking to grow your lead base and email list, you could also link to a lead page. Make sure if your linking to a lead page that your providing value to the user in the form of a free Guide, Execution Plan or something that will help them without asking for anything in return. The aim of this is to provide value and build the relationship by showing them you are an authority in the area. If you link to a sales page promising to get them rich quick, you will turn people against you and will barely convert anyone into a lead.


Pinned Tweets

Twitter has recently introduced Pinned Tweets. What this allows you to do is choose one of your existing tweets and pin it to the top of your profile. This is an excellent way to get readers to take some sort of action on your profile. You could use it to give away a free guide or execution plan, or to further build the relationship with them by showing one of your most engaged tweets. This will be the next thing users look at after reading your profile description so make sure it aligns with your goals and values. Here are a few ideas for your pinned tweet:

  • A lead capture page which gives away a free PDF, Guide, Execution Plan etc.
  • Your personal website or business website which provides them with more information
  • One of your most engaging tweets that has the most retweets, favorites

Finding Great Content & Automating Your Feed

One of the biggest things I struggled with initially is finding great content to share that your target audience will find valuable and take the time to read. I recommend tweeting around 10 times per day (more on this later), so it’s important you have plenty of valuable and up to date content to share with your audience otherwise they won’t become engaged.

Of course, you shouldn’t just tweet other people’s content because your audience is looking to get to know YOU and not your favourite blogs or websites. There needs to be a healthy balance between your personal tweets and the tweets you share from blogs/websites. Of the 10 tweets you send per day, I would recommend 5 personal tweets (written by you) and 5 tweets from blogs/websites that align with your niche and target audience.


Choosing Your Niche

This section of the guide is one of the most important and will set the standard for everything you do moving forward, so choose carefully and really think about things before you decide.

When choosing the niche you’d like to target, you may already have the answer staring you in the face. Ask yourself this simple question, why did you you go to the effort of downloading this guide and reading it up until now? Why do you want to grow your Twitter following in the first place? Is it because you want to grow your personal brand, start a business, grow your existing business, meet new like-minded people, to have more influence and gain feedback on your questions and opinions, or all of the above? Whatever it may be, write it down now.

For most of you reading this guide, you’re interested in growing your personal brand and gaining influence in your niche for a number of reasons such as finding new prospects, leads, customers and revenue.


Setting Up Your Twitter Feed

Think about the niche you’re in, and find some existing Twitter accounts that are extremely popular in your niche. Look at their profiles and see what type of content they are sharing. What is gaining the most engagement? Which of their tweets is getting favorited and retweeted the most? Find 10 of the most engaging tweets on each of their profiles and tag each of them into a main category within their niche.

For example, in the online marketing niche, you can see the most engaging tweets that are currently trending relate to content marketing, email marketing, customer relationship management and increasing conversions. This gives you the answer to the type of content you need to be sharing with your followers each and every day in order to get the best results. The more of this type of content you share, the more people will retweet and favorite your tweets, the more organic followers you will gain and the more people will trust you and see you as an authority in your niche.

Once you’ve figured out the most engaging content being shared in your niche, the next step is to find the best way to share this type of content with your audience. To do this, find the top 10 blogs in your niche and look at the topics of the blog posts they have written. Using the online marketing example again, I would look at blogs such as Hubspot, CopyBlogger, Smart Passive Income and other related high traffic blogs. I would then find the blog posts relating to content marketing, email marketing, customer relationship management and increasing conversions. These blog posts from the top players in your niche will contain the best and most useful information for your niche. By sharing this content on Twitter, you’re bound to to get the best engagement from your audience since you’re sharing the best content possibly available in this niche at the time.


Automating Your Twitter Feed

Now that you’ve found the best content to share, you need to automate this process so you’re only spending 10 minutes each day finding and sharing the best content available. Although there are many ways to do this, I found the best tools are Feedly, IFTTT (If This Then That) and Buffer. I explain these tools in detail below.



Feedly is one of the most popular RSS readers available. It allows you to set up a feed of your favorite blogs and their newest blog posts. This is perfect for what we are trying to achieve! You simply setup a feedly account, then search for the blog’s you found in the previous section of this guide and add them to your feedly feed. Then, every time you login to feedly you will see the latest posts by these blogs and can share them directly to your Twitter feed.




IFTTT (If This Then That) is an amazing online tool that allows you to connect certain services together. An action on one service will trigger another action on another service. To use IFTTT to automate your feedly content, you can setup an IFTTT account and use the following recipe to link your Feedly account and your Buffer account (I talk about Buffer in the next section).

Click here for the IFTTT Recipe to join Feedly & Buffer




Buffer is the final piece of the puzzle. It allows you to create a schedule of your tweets so that you can set and forget them each day. This is a brilliant tool and saves me hours of time every week. To do this, first you need to setup your buffer account.

Once you’re all setup, you can add new tweets to your schedule. You can also change your schedule to set 10 tweets per day, and choose to send them out at the best and most engaging time for your particular audience! The IFTTT tool I spoke about in the last section will join your Feedly and your Buffer accounts so that every time you save a Feedly article in your feed, it will automatically schedule to your Buffer account.

Each morning I open my Feedly, choose 5 of the best articles from the most popular blogs that I know will get the most engagement for my audience, and save them! They will automatically add to my Buffer schedule and then tweet at the perfect times of the day. I also schedule my own personal 5 tweets that I want my audience to read.




The Basics Of Twitter Marketing

Now that you’ve setup and optimized your profile, chosen your niche and target audience, and automated your tweets, it’s time to start doing some simple yet extremely effective marketing to get some eyes on your profile. I’ve split this into three actionable sections that I personally follow each day and which has allowed me to grow my Twitter following by over 6,500 followers per month consistently.


Following Users

By far the most effective way to gain exposure and gain a huge following is by following other users in your target audience. In the Choosing Your Niche section, I spoke about finding the twitter accounts that share the best content within your niche. By following the users that follow these accounts, you are automatically following users that are interested in your niche and will also be interested in the content you have to share.

Visit the profiles of the 10 most popular twitter accounts you found earlier and click on their “followings”. Take a look at some of these users and click on their profiles to see what their main interests are. There’s an extremely high chance that they are also sharing and tweeting about content related to your niche, and that’s why they are following the popular Twitter account in the first place. By following these users, i’ve found that at least 40% of users that you follow will follow you back. By following them you’re showing them that you’re interested in them and looking to connect, and the majority of the time they will return the favor and follow you back.

Later on in this guide i’ll teach you how to fast track and automate this following process so you can easily follow 400-1000 users per day that will follow you back. By following this strategy with the tools i’ll introduce to you later in this guide, i’ve been able to spend less than 30 minutes per day on all of the strategies I teach in this guide and gain between 300-400 followers per day easily.


Favoriting Tweets

The next technique I use in my Twitter marketing arsenal is favoriting users tweets. By favoriting targeted tweets of other users, they will get notified that you have engaged with their tweet and they will most likely view your profile and follow you.

Obviously, you want to be favoriting tweets that are targeted towards your niche and relate to the same content you’re sharing. This way the user of the tweet you favorited will want to follow you and see your engaging content. By favoriting their tweets they will also feel like they should repay the favor and will engage with your tweets when they view your profile. This is a marketing 101 technique I learnt whilst reading a book published in 1936 called How To Win Friends & Influence People.

The easiest way to favorite targeted tweets is by using a tool to favorite tweets that contain a particular hashtag. Hashtags are used in tweets when people are referring to a certain topic or niche, such as #entrepreneurship, #marketing, #sales etc. Choose the most popular hashtags users are using within your niche, and write them down. Later in this guide i’ll teach you how to automatically favorite tweets that contain your targeted hashtags so you can completely automate this process.


Using Hashtags

While we are on the subject of hashtags, it’s very important that the tweets you share also contain hashtags relating to your niche. This allows people that are searching for topics within your niche to see your tweets, which will gain you a lot of exposure. Once you’ve chosen the best and most popular hashtags used in your niche, make sure you use at least 2-3 of these in each tweet you send out. This strategy alone will gain you huge exposure and grow your following ten fold.


Introducing CrowdFire




What Is CrowdFire?

As mentioned previously in this guide, we want to automate and optimize our Twitter marketing as much as we can to save time and complete these marketing activities in under 30 minutes per day. There are a wealth of Twitter Marketing tools currently available on the market today, but none of them compare to a new tool called Crowdfire.

Crowdfire is a Twitter & Instagram marketing tool that is available on the Web, iOS and Android. It takes all of the marketing strategies i’ve taught you so far in this guide and bundles them into a great app that is built from the ground up.

You can register for your free Crowdfire account by clicking this text link and following the setup process.

Go and do that now and then come back and read the rest of the execution plan.

Using CrowdFire To Automate Your Twitter Marketing

Once you’ve setup your Crowdfire account, make sure you download the iOS or Android app if you have a smartphone. The user interface is very similar on all platforms so regardless of how your accessing Crowdfire you will be able to follow the below techniques.


Following Users With The Copy Followers Function

Choose the Copy Followers option on the menu (left hand side). This will bring up a search bar that will allow you to enter the username of the popular Twitter accounts you chose in the “Choosing Your Niche” section of this guide. Type in the first username and click search. This will bring up a list of users that are currently following the popular twitter account. These are targeted users of your niche as they have followed the popular twitter account because they value their content.

The next step is to press the + button or follow button to follow each user. I usually follow between 400-1000 users per day. I’ve found this to be fastest using the mobile app on iOS or Android as you can just use your thumb to click the + sign as quickly as you can. It usually takes between 2-5 minutes of clicking to follow 400-1000 users. Do not follow more than 1000 users per day as this may flag your account with Twitter and there’s a chance your account will be suspended or shut down. I would recommend starting with 400 users per day and increasing slowly over the next week or two until you get to 1000 users per day. You can also split this activity and follow half of the users in the morning and the other half at night. I’ve also found the by following users at peak times of the day will increase your follow ratio as more users are online and active when you follow them, rather than being asleep or in the middle of work.


Copy Followers

This is an example of  the Copy Followers feature. I searched for Foundrmag and started following their followers.

Favoriting Tweets on Autopilot

Crowdfire also has a function which allows you to input certain hashtags which it will automatically favorite. As we spoke about earlier in the guide, you’ve already chosen the most popular hashtags in your niche, so it’s just a matter of adding these one by one into this section. Crowdfire will then favorite a certain amount of tweets containing your certain hashtags each day. This will allow you to gain huge exposure to your targeted audience as many users will search these hashtags each day to find the latest tweets in that particular niche. Since you’re already providing the most popular content in that niche, there is a high chance they will engage in your tweet by favoriting or retweeting your content, hence gaining you even more organic exposure!


Automated Direct Messages

Crowdfire has a great feature which allows you to automatically send your new followers a Direct Message. This can be extremely useful to introduce yourself and start the relationship building process. You can write multiple messages and CrowdFire will automatically select one of the messages randomly and send them to each new follower. I use this feature to introduce myself and ask them to checkout my personal website and include a link to my homepage or blog.


Automated DM


Engaging With Your New Followers

By following the strategies in this guide, you are guaranteed to be receiving at least 300-600 new followers each day. It’s crucial that you’re engaging with and building your relationship with your new followers to make it all worthwhile.

The above strategy of automatically direct messaging new users is the first step in engaging with each of your new followers, so make sure you set that up.

Once the new followers start to roll in, people will start sending you direct messages back and also tagging you in tweets, retweeting your tweets and favoriting your tweets. I always make sure I thank them for their engagement so they remember who I am and it increases the chances of them engaging in your future tweets.


If you followed this guide correctly, you should now be ready to start growing your Twitter account by over 6,500 followers every month. These are the techniques I have used successfully for months and I know they will work for you too. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, feedback and your results!

I would appreciate if you shared this out to your Twitter followers so they too can benefit from this guide!