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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.11.14 pmWe’ve all been there many times before. You want to write a new blog post, work on an assignment or simply just need some research done on a particular topic. Normally we all turn to google and search certain keywords in google in order to find the most accurate and up to date information available. This is often time consuming and it can be really hard to actually find the information you’re looking for.


Welcome to Wonder

Enter Wonder, a new startup that is changing the way we conduct research, and saving us a whole heap of time and effort! The easiest way to explain what they do is written on their website:

Wonder was built for the questions that don’t have a simple, straightforward answer – for inquiry that desires a deeper understanding and multiple points of view.


Here’s their full mission statement from their website. Wonder is currently in beta, but you can join the waiting list by clicking here.


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.13.14 pm


How it works

The way Wonder works is very simple. Upon logging in, it shows you a screen which says: “What Are You Wondering?” This is where you enter what you would like the team to research for you.


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.25.07 pm


I’ve come up with some examples of what you can ask:

  • Ask them to do some background research on your clients company before your meeting
  • Do some niche market research before you start a business or enter a new market
  • Find relevant topics that you can write blog posts about in a certain niche
  • Conduct extensive research on a certain topic and send you the best and latest articles relating to that topic

These are just a few examples, you can literally ask them anything as long as it relates to them doing research.

Here’s what others having been asking Wonder and the results they’ve had!



I took it for a quick test run…

Since I just gained access to Wonder, I decided to take it for a test run and see what the results were like. I’d just finished watching the new movie, Ex Machina, which is based around an artificially intelligent robot called AVA. I wanted to see if there were any current AI tools that had come on the market in the form of software or mobile apps.  Here was my question:


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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.58.53 pm



You can also add more details below your initial question by clicking “Add more details”. Within the hour I had a response from my research assistant they had assigned to me. It wasn’t just any assistant though, it was a lady called Justine and she had the necessary skills to best help me with my particular question. If i’d asked a question about health or science for example, a research assistant with those skills would have been assigned to my question instead of Justine. This helps to ensure only the most qualified researchers are helping you answer your questions.  Here is Justines answer:


There are indeed AI tools out there! Facebook just open-sourced it’s AI tools, so you can take a peek and see what they are doing. Companies like Scaled Inference Inc. are new start-ups that are currently developing more AI tools, and the trend seems to be creating speech and image recognition systems. The Grid is the first ever AI web-development platform, but it hasn’t launched yet. There is a site for The Grid where you can become a founding member and be one of the first users as soon as it becomes available. There are also new tools in the Watson Development Cloud, so be sure to check those out. Science fiction is slowly becoming a reality when it comes to AI!
She also provided 6 of the most relevant links about Artificial Intelligence, including a link to The Grid AI, Scaled Inference Inc and Watson Development Cloud.


You can find all of the research and links she provided on the following page: https://wonderlib.com/researchnetwork/response/55613da9bc4dba7900993e64  


My initial thoughts after using Wonder for a few different research tasks…

I continued to ask Wonder a few more questions related to health, finance and more. The information that came back for every research task was amazing. The answers are a good length, containing only relevant and valuable information targeted specifically for what you’re looking for. The articles they share with you are from various but credible sources that add context to the answer they have given you. All of my tasks came back completed within the hour (even though I was doing this on a Sunday). They also send you a follow up email asking if you are happy with the answer your research assistant has given you. You can also click a link in the email and ask another question related to the initial task. This is perfect for finding out the initial information and then diving deeper and asking questions based on the research they have given you.  At this stage Wonder is completely free to use without any restrictions on how many questions you can ask per month etc. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.00.09 pm

Where will Wonder go from here?

Wonder is already an amazing new tool that saves you time and allows you to simply ask a question and get on with your day. Every user has their own profile where they can save the articles the research assistants have provided for them. You can also follow other people to see what they are asking. The end result will be a huge collection of valuable information and resources based around hundreds or even thousands of topics. Wonder will be able to use this information in many different ways to enhance the service and bring new and innovative ways to provide you with seamless answers to your questions.



Wonder is now my tool of choice for researching. I will continue to update this post with new results, case studies and testimonials. Here are just a few from Twitter users that are currently using the service:    


Have you tried this new service? If so, i’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Also, if you have any questions about Wonder, let me know and i’ll respond to you in the comments. If you have any questions you want me to ask before you gain access, let me know and i’ll forward you the results 🙂


I Provide Personal Coaching For Digital Marketing! Click Learn More For A Personal Video To Learn The Details